Buskers Info

Saturday 30th May 2020

To register for this event,  please fill out the Online Application Form

Read the Terms and Conditions, you may need to sign the Disclaimer

or write to
Busking Coordinator
PO Box 380
NSW 2546

or email to busking@naroomarotary.org.au

Handy Info for Buskers

  • Busking day will start at 10am
  • There will be a FREE concert for buskers and spectators at the Golf club from 4pm, with exciting local acts TBA (NOT buskers)
  • Finalists and winners will NOT be performing at the awards/concert at the golf club
  • Awards ceremony will run roughly 5-6/630pm.
  • Be prepared to transport your musical instruments and equipment to each location.
  • Most buskers transport with a trolley or wheelbarrow. limited assistance will be available.
  • Collect your lanyards from Cabin 1, Easts Holiday Park  from 8.30am.
  • Wear your lanyards at all times.
  • Put your hat/guitar case out for busker tips $$ (you will be tipped with real money too! it’s also OK to sell your own CDs).
  • Spectators may give you their ‘Busker Votes’. these will be collected from you by us throughout the day. These will be tallied to determine the top 3 performers for the ‘people’s choice award’.  You will also receive 10% back on each Busker Dollar in real money (please make sure we have your address or bank account details for payment to be made the week after the event).
  • Buskers can hand in any uncollected Busker Votes to the Narooma Visitors Centre to add to your tally. These must be handed in by 3.30pm.
  • You need to make your way to the Narooma Golf Club by 3.45 pm that afternoon.
  • Finalists will be announced at the Finals Concert in the Golf Club Auditorium starting at 4pm.
  • There are lots of awards to hand out. so even if you’re not in the Finals Concert it’s a good idea to be there in case you win something!
  • Arrive and finish on time at each of your venues.
  • Ensure you know where your venues are located – ask at the Visitors Centre if unsure.

Have fun, entertain, engage, drink lots of water, eat, enjoy……………..